6 Foreplay Tips That Drive Men Insane

6 Foreplay Tips That Drive Men Insane

One of the greatest myths out there is that foreplay is only for the fairer sex. Thats not true. Laura Ross, writer of The Secrets to Sensational Foreplay, says otherwise, quoting various studies that have shown that men would love just as much pre-sex fun as the woman whos lying next to them in bed. So, if two can play at the game, why not have the ball in your court? Weve got the tips to foreplay your way to sizzling hot sex that he wont be able to say no to.

1. The 'sneak preview'

If movies can tease you with trailers, you can do the same for your man. Send him a naughty text or hide a silk scarf in his bag; he definitely wont be late for this blockbuster'.


2. The Shower

Yes, take a shower together. Shower him with kisses, wash one another; its all a preview of whats to come. It might be tough to hold back, but be sure the climax doesnt happen in the bathroom. When the action begins later, you both might need another shower after.


3. The Show

Men are naturally driven by visuals, so a striptease by their woman is a dream come true. Also, you get the perfect excuse to go lingerie shopping. If youre the shy type, turning on your sexy song and indulging in some wine might help. Just sit him down, maintain eye contact as you slowly remove each clothing piece and make sure he only sees but doesnt touch. Not yet, at least.


4. The Blind Mouse

Remember that silk scarf we mentioned earlier? Blindfold him with it and begin your physical teasing session. Lightly glide your fingers down his back and between his thighs. They may be visual people but not knowing what youre about to do would drive them even more insane with desire.


5. The Heat

This would work especially well if hes blindfolded. Slowly exhale a warm breath over his skin and that temperature change will instantly increase his arousal. After a few warm-ups like that, he would probably want to turn up the heat, pronto!


6. The Boss

Its not a matter of position preference, but men do like it when their woman takes control in the bedroom. Theyll automatically be logged in to turn-on mode. Its simple; start by getting on top of him and pinning his hands down. You can gauge his reaction from there and go with the flow.


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